Saturday, May 11, 2013

drinks on the house

cosmopolitan I haven't had any of it yet but in willing to try.. thoughts come scrambling back to when I was sipping on a flaming Ferrari through a straw. and then followed by a b52 my old favorites when I was in college waiting for my aunt who supervises a resto bar at a mall where my school is located and that time of my life, my dad was found with another woman and my mother crying all the time traveling to let go of the pain. it seemed like a dark time come to think about it. but I still enjoyed my time, waiting for my aunt, she closes at 3 am. then my classes start at 2 pm which made my entire morning a bed of seventh heaven and air conditioned comfort.  I have never entertained the idea of being able to open my mind more when I am intoxicated and hot on the outside what the fuck is it with the weather in this country. okay it seems I should just stick to beer but is it safe ? to switch from cosmonto beer.. hmmm we shall see. my very own conscience tells me I have quit and do not want to cross that same highway again a long and trafficked highway of stops and turns trying to find a way out. I have found a way out.. with him, in his arms. 

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