Friday, May 10, 2013

Anastasia Steele

Who has not succumbed to the alluring, mercurial master of the universe, Christian Travelyan Grey.. He is the ultimate mean machine. The sweetest, innocent and kinky billionaire who has experienced his firsts on love.? with the strong willed, stubborn, virgin Miss Ana Steele. He simply got confused at her wonder.
I am not new to the kind of female Ana Steele is. She is a rare gem. And i know ladies out there would like to be her. Not just in fashion sense, but also in mind and heart, her inner goddess tells her to succumb to kinky fuckery while her subconscious (brain) tells her to be smart and not to be too trusting with anyone.
Many girls can relate to her. And i do wish many women will change themselves to be like her. She has inspired many. And her wit and innocence, can make any man crawl to his knees.
Here are my compilations of sample fashion Ana might, wear.

So pretty much here is what we have covered, Converse Shoes, Skinny Jeans, Tshirts, or Jackets, sweats, ofcourse dont forget a good book. and Bands. Rock . Bands.
will update soon. :)

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