Wednesday, November 6, 2013

my tattoo is satanic!

a practicing priest taps my shoulder at a pet shop, he said you should cover that, it is a symbol of satan... and I couldn't help but laugh on the inside at how ignorant he is. 
I respect the Roman Catholics, I love the new pope. I went to a catholic school and I learned of theology, of spiritualism and of science. I was a troubled teen, but I never let it get the best of me because I believe in not harming others as well as myself. I've been a Wiccan since I was 14. I was never into covens, I was an eclectic Christian Wiccan. do you know what that means? eclectic is in the dictionary. instead of giving up or sticking to believing in plain science and become an atheist like half of the world had become, I decided at that young age that I believe in Jesus that he came to the world to teach people to do good. the Wiccan law an ye harm none, do what thy will and do not do unto others what u do not want others to do unto you are definitely the exact same. why despise a man who has brought spirituality to the world? altho spirit exists in nature.. Jesus opened up our eyes to teach us what love is. I have many issues with Old Testament since I have mentioned I am a scientific person myself and the Old Testament might have just been a book written by old fools who believing in putting people to death if they work on a Sunday. I believe that there is one ultimate reality. a god, a creator, a judge and he balances the entire universe, not just us humans in this planet alone, do you believe there is only us in the entire billions of galaxies ? there has been predictably 1 billion living planets in this galaxy alone. and we should thank him. for giving us life, we are not just a light that goes out when we die. a spirit is reborn into whatever it deserves. the world is made up of 5 elements. spirit is one of them. I have mixed up religions from pythagorians, Buddhists, Hindu, and wicca, god himself did send us prophets and these people exist in our history today. all these prophets teach us one lesson. to respect and love one another. if you don't, judgement will turn ur soul into something lesser when you die. it's not difficult to comprehend. some people stick to their own and when they see something that is not of their kind or liking, they judge too quickly making shit up about a "satan" figure. what is that anyway.. it just makes me laugh how these people are too fixed on believing that you are an evil person because you are something they cannot fathom. and they themselves do not even care if they hurt other people. I've seen hypocrites go to church everyday, a neighbor who prays but when his wife is not around, he cursed her to hell. he teaches my little brother who is 12 years old to find a girl friend. why is the world so full of hypocrites. If people only open their mind to all the religions in the world, they should realize that the only thing to be judged by god and given another chance to be human when u die is to just, not harm others.. then the world would actually be much better place. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

drinks on the house

cosmopolitan I haven't had any of it yet but in willing to try.. thoughts come scrambling back to when I was sipping on a flaming Ferrari through a straw. and then followed by a b52 my old favorites when I was in college waiting for my aunt who supervises a resto bar at a mall where my school is located and that time of my life, my dad was found with another woman and my mother crying all the time traveling to let go of the pain. it seemed like a dark time come to think about it. but I still enjoyed my time, waiting for my aunt, she closes at 3 am. then my classes start at 2 pm which made my entire morning a bed of seventh heaven and air conditioned comfort.  I have never entertained the idea of being able to open my mind more when I am intoxicated and hot on the outside what the fuck is it with the weather in this country. okay it seems I should just stick to beer but is it safe ? to switch from cosmonto beer.. hmmm we shall see. my very own conscience tells me I have quit and do not want to cross that same highway again a long and trafficked highway of stops and turns trying to find a way out. I have found a way out.. with him, in his arms. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Anastasia Steele

Who has not succumbed to the alluring, mercurial master of the universe, Christian Travelyan Grey.. He is the ultimate mean machine. The sweetest, innocent and kinky billionaire who has experienced his firsts on love.? with the strong willed, stubborn, virgin Miss Ana Steele. He simply got confused at her wonder.
I am not new to the kind of female Ana Steele is. She is a rare gem. And i know ladies out there would like to be her. Not just in fashion sense, but also in mind and heart, her inner goddess tells her to succumb to kinky fuckery while her subconscious (brain) tells her to be smart and not to be too trusting with anyone.
Many girls can relate to her. And i do wish many women will change themselves to be like her. She has inspired many. And her wit and innocence, can make any man crawl to his knees.
Here are my compilations of sample fashion Ana might, wear.

So pretty much here is what we have covered, Converse Shoes, Skinny Jeans, Tshirts, or Jackets, sweats, ofcourse dont forget a good book. and Bands. Rock . Bands.
will update soon. :)

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